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Oksanalove - Russian Bride introduction agency - Meet 1000's of marriage minded beautiful ladies - we have our own offices overseas and full time team working just for you! See pictures in swimsuit, jeans, classic dress, erotic and sexy lingerie of the ladies.
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#2 Russian women marriage service by an American Expat - We try harder!
Frequently Asked Questions this is what is contained in this section.
  1. How can I buy woman's contact information?
  2. Payment options
  3. How can I add more photos to my profile or photo gallery?
  4. Password issues: lost password, non-received password after registration
  5. Notifications issues: non-received notification of new e-mail. Don't Let your server block e-mails from us!
  6. Is a girl's ability to speak English something that I need to be overly concerned with? Do I need to speak Russian.
  7. Is only for Americans?
  8. What will writing emails versus making a visit do for me?
  9. Do I have any chance at meeting and marrying a beautiful girl much younger than me?
  10. What should I put into that first letter and what should I expect in response?
  11. Should I allow a beautiful woman??™s looks to intimidate me?
  12. My family and friends are filling my head with the idea that I have lost my mind in pursuing a Russian girl. Is this normal? Are there any good Russian women?
  13. Would it be easier for me to pay in advance for services so that there are no delays in getting things done?

How can I buy woman's contact information?
Unfortunately under US law we are prohibited from selling our client's contact information.

We are prohibited from allowing our male and female clients exchange any type of contact information as well.

Under US law we are required to do a background check of every male client prior to releasing his contact information to the women. As every background check of every client is not a free service to us, we can only allow a:

1. GOLD members request contact information of the ladies. With this type of membership we perform a criminal background check on a client and this way client can submit his requests for the contact information of the women. After request is submitted woman is choosing if she wants to release her information or not to a client.

2. The other way to exchange of a contact information is through the conference call translation

This way a clients information is getting background checked prior to the phone connecting the clients.
Payment Options
Although this site is 100% free for communication between members like e-mail correspondence, there is a number of paid additional services we offer to you that help you stabilized your communication and hopefully lead to something much bigger then just e-mails back and forth. Such services are English - Russian e-mail translations, English - Russian conference call translations, additional photographs of the ladies, flowers and gift deliveries, personal tours to Russia, etc. For this services we offer several payment options, all of them secured and run through the American merchants.

1. We do accept major credit and debit cards:


3. Inside the USA we do accept checks and cashiers checks for any our services. Personal checks drawn on US banks will be accepted but are subject to a hold pending clearance of your check. No personal checks drawn on banks outside the USA will be accepted.

E-mail us to requist for mailing address.

4. We do accept western union payments.
You can send money to:
Yelena Boichenko

4625 Tupelo Drive,
Citrus Heights, CA, 95621 USA

Once your payment is sent, please contact us at with following information:
Senders name
state and city the money were sent from.
We will need also 10 digit MTSN number. Once we confirm the transfer the services you paid for will be available to you immediately.
How can I add more photos to my profile or photo gallery?
Logon to your account and go to the 'ABOUT ME' menu, to the 'MY PHOTOS' sub tub. Click that link and you will be taken to the page where you can attach and submit unlimited number of photos.. VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure your photos are not bigger then 2 KB, and less then 2000 pix (on the larger side) in size, AND they are JPEG files, otherwise our system would not accept them. If your photos don't match one of them requirements, please e-mail them to us at Please, don't forget to include your name, last name and e-mail address that you registered with us. Please allow us 24 - 48 hours to activate your photos as this process is a manual work.
Password issues: lost password
If you are a registered client with us and have a profile with us, you can request your password to be resent to your e-mail you used when registering. Please, follow a link and enter your e-mail address registered and your password will be e-mailed to you instantly.
If you haven't received e-mail from us - a most common reason is that your server blocking e-mails from us, please, view "don't let your server to block e-mails from us" and follow simple instructions to enable e-mails receiving from our web-site.
Password issues: non-received password after registration
Please, follow easy steps to adjust settings in your e-mail account to ensure all our e-mails are accepted by your e-mail server. Click here to see how.
Is a girl's ability to speak English something that I need to be overly concerned with? Do I need to speak Russian.
Yes and no. I personally would pay more attention to women that don't speak English because I think that they tend to be a bit less experienced with foreign men.

I can say that it hasn't been a problem matching up non-English speakers and in many cases added to a woman's charm. Most women presented here had been studying English at certain point of their life, mostly they studied English at school. But due to absence of practice, they forgot most of it. Usually in most cases after a week of communication once woman starts talking with man face to face, she picks up many words and phrases.

We have listed on each woman's profile her level of English proficiency in order to assist you. This is how it works:

Beginning = Knows only the most Basic English. Has difficulty communicating in English.

Basic = Studied English in the University or School. Makes lots of mistakes. Can speak.

Fluent = Fluent English, most likely she even works with foreigners for some foreign company.

Also, almost every bookstore in the USA offers books on entry level Russian and invaluable dictionaries. Don't leave home without them
Is only for Americans?
Absolutely Not! People from all countries are welcome here.
What will writing emails versus making a visit do for me?
Email is a great way to find out about a location and maybe a little about a specific girl too. It is an extremely bad way to obtain commitments and promises about anything.

As to writing, a smart guy understands the following:

The guy that visits small town Russia versus the guy that only writes will win every time. A girl that is worth writing to will be written to by more than one guy at the same time after all and actions are always more important than just words.

She might promise you the world, but until you set foot into her world, all you have done is talk. While we say that talk is cheap, there is a Russian saying that Russian men talk a lot, but do very little.

A trip to Russia is worth more than all the flowery letters in the world. An average guy will beat out a stud every time simply by coming here and being face to face with his lady.

Don't be a talker. In the future, should you be corresponding with a lady you like , seriously think about coming to Russia. You won't regret it.
Do I have any chance at meeting and marrying a beautiful girl much younger than me?
I can only give my opinion on this subject and I might be wrong in your case. You may or you may not and your mileage will vary.

This depends upon your age, your appearance and your outlook on life. If you are physically fit, funny and interesting your chances are good.

If you are the opposite, you need to make some changes in yourself or set your sights differently. Above all, you must be realistic. But you should put yourself in her shoes and it should be easy to understand.

It is all real even for a man to have a chance with someone more than 20 - 30 years his junior. If you are looking for something like this I would suggest you use our VIP membership option where a personal matchmaker will help you find what you are looking for, as our matchmakers know which girls would consider a much older man.

Some ladies follow a fast rule of only dating guys that are within a few years of their age while others are very flexible.

We at Russian Girls International honor and respect the ladies' wishes and we will apply no pressure onto a lady that says no to an older guy.

Generally, but not always, it is acceptable to most ladies here to date a guy that is up to 15 - 20 years older than them. We call 20 years older, the top of the envelope and we recommend that you guys stick to that rule when writing letters or considering a trip.

Anything more than 20 years would require a professional matchmaker's assistance and help to find. Most likely you will not find this on your own.

An important thing needs to be said. I feel that your age should only be important if you and your lady decide to become serious with each other.

Included in our member's profiles in some cases is what they consider to be the ideal age for them. You must decide what this means to you personally and whether or not you will take it literally. This may or may not be true for you and only you can experiment with what you are able to get away with.

You should also consider that a 25-year-old girl in Russia is going to behave as a 35-year-old woman will in the states.

She will be more mature than any 25 year old that you will ever meet in the States. A 35 year old woman will behave as a 45 year old woman in the states and so on.

I feel that a young girl's willingness to meet you and their maturity should make you leave your US values and judgments behind where they belong. The likelihood is good that you will be dating someone considerably younger than you have in years. The values and mores in the good old USA should stay in the good old USA.

You should do what makes you happy and if that includes young girls, have I got a deal for you.

Of course, should you decide to take her to the US or elsewhere as your wife, you'll have to think about those social issues, but I have a suggestion. Why not worry about that when the time comes?
Should I allow a beautiful woman's looks intimidate me?
Absolutely not!

When I first started doing this I was amazed at all the emails I received from guys telling me how one woman or another was their dream, but they were afraid to write that first letter.

Of course, these weren't their exact words, but this was in effect what they were saying to me.

At the same time I had these beautiful women stopping by my office asking me if they had received anything and I was the one that saw their faces dim when I told them no.

It is amazing how the lack of gonads is the main thing that keeps guys apart from women that they would gladly give them up for.

Please don't let a woman's appearance intimidate you because many times the idea is in your head and not hers.
What should I put into that first letter and what should I expect in response?
First letters are always tough for both the man and the girl.

I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked this one by men and also by the ladies. My advice to the men and also to the ladies is exactly the same and here it is.

Be yourself and don't attempt to be someone you are not.

Stress your strengths and don't tell about weaknesses at this point.

If you can include a bit of humor, then do it.

If you are a serious person try to show it.

In all cases do not ask for any kind of commitment as the person receiving the letter will think you are a nut.

Make the initial letter short and to the point and you should tell why you were attracted to that person initially, but don't overdo it.

Pretty women like to hear they are pretty, but this can sometimes get boring. Look for something else about the lady that is attractive to you as you will get a lot more from these extra comments then the ones that an average person writes.

Don't beg for a response.

Instead include some intriguing things about yourself that will impel her to answer you.

This formula works and anyone can do it.

Above all, be honest.

If there is something that you don't want her to know at that point, just don't say it.

Also, if you are not an Adonis, don't include a photo. I know that other services encourage you to include a photo immediately, but I have found that sometimes backfires.

Waiting until the lady gets to know you a bit won't hurt anything and maybe then your ugly mug won't be such a shock.

If you are handsome of course include a photo immediately.
My family and friends have been filling my with the idea that I have lost my mind by pursuing a Russian girl. Is this normal? Are there any good Russian women?
Yes and I would only worry if your friends and family didn't do just that.

I don't need to tell you about the bad press, stretched stories and testimonials you see and read these days.

In Russia they have the same stories only guess what; it is the Americans that are the bad guys. Two things to consider.

The press always focuses upon the dramatic and distorted.

Because of this, I always try to follow a rule in that nothing is ever all good or all bad. When I hear someone tell me that something is terrible under all situations, I turn them off immediately.

If it were true that all Russian women or even a majority of Russian women were bad, why is it then that there are so many of these agencies popping up everywhere you turn?

The answer is that Russian ladies are no different than any other women in that some are good and some are bad.

I have an observation for you to think about.

Why is it that most men that run these agencies are either married or seriously involved with Russian women?

Do you think that a guy like me would get involved with someone that was going to harm or otherwise do something bad to me?

I am the prototype example and I love most Russian women.
Would it be easier for me to pay in advance for services so that there are no delays in getting things done?
Whether you realize it or not, you are about to embark upon an adventure that will require trust.

You will either trust your own senses in getting things done in our unfamiliar setting, sort of an uninformed do it yourself, or you will trust an introduction agency to do things on your behalf.

Whichever introduction agency you choose will involve different levels of trust because different agencies will offer different things.

We offer prepaid accounts.

The first and most popular of which is for the service of prepaying an E-mail and Translation account so that you and your lady or ladies can immediately write and completely understand each other when you want to.

If you go to the trouble of selecting a lady and then writing a letter, it makes sense that you would want to get it into her hands as quickly as you possible.

You can do that by sending an E-mail message here to our Russian office. We would then translate it into her language, get her response to you, translate it back into English and then send it off to you within five working days of your initial e-mail.

It is amazing and well worth your consideration. E-mail letters through our Russian office are 100 % effective and they will get to the intended party each and every time guaranteed.

If you don't get a response, you don't pay! All of our products can be paid for in advance and if you change your mind we will quickly give you a credit on your credit card within one day's time.

Should you want to move some of your email money to let's say flowers just send us an email and we will do it. The same goes for any of our other services.

Incidentally, it would be illogical for us to hurt you as a customer for twenty or thirty dollars and then lose you as a prospect for a visit.

Think about it and if you have any questions, send us an email.

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