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The first time in the Industry! Group Romantic love tour: destination - unforgettable Punta Cana.

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Oksanalove - Russian Bride introduction agency - Meet 1000's of marriage minded beautiful ladies - we have our own offices overseas and full time team working just for you! See pictures in swimsuit, jeans, classic dress, erotic and sexy lingerie of the ladies.
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Why date in DR?

There are several advantages meeting a woman on a neutral territory vs. traveling to her city for a first meeting.


1. Romantic. No home date can beat a meeting in a romantic setting on a tropical island. Many women have not traveled a lot, nor have they seen an ocean in their life – in many countries from which these women are coming sea vacation is considered a quality and elite vacation. That is why meeting by the ocean will be a date in a paradise.



2. Get away. When a man and a woman are meeting in the setting they live, it is difficult to escape the routine problems or job issues. That is why getting away is the only way to have a real vacation. Once you get away from your job and everyday hassles, you can fully devote yourself to developing a relationship with that special someone. The same works for the women – they are just as focused on you and the feelings that are blossoming, being away from home hassles. LOVE grows faster in the sun much like flowers – it can only get stronger in a beautiful paradise that Punta Cana is.



3. See how she behaves when being away from home. Meeting your lady away from home can be an important milestone in your relationship. Seeing her away from her home, family and friends can show you her ability to get adjusted to a different country, culture and society. It can also bring out new qualities in your sweetheart you could not see at her home setting. If you lady gets home sick, it is best to know such things from the start, then at a later time, when you have already planned a life together. You will be able to see right away how your lady feels about being in the new surroundings to make the right decision about your future.




4. Time saver. A trip to the Dominican Republiс is a big time saver for you. In order to reach some women’s home cities you might have to travel as long as 26 hours by plane, train or bus (to Kazakhstan, for example). Coming to Punta Cana will only take three hours of your time - quite considerable savings in time for people, who don’t want to wait any longer to meet their perfect mate.



5. Money saver. This trip will run 3-5 times cheaper than a trip to your woman’s country. This tour, first class services included, will surround you with comfort and luxury, which you might not get with the arrangements of travelling to your lady’s home country. It is not that you might not find the necessary arrangements, but you will also have to pay the price 3-5 times more than you would on this trip – entrepreneurs abroad enjoy taking advantage of foreigners, while we offer you the best services at a competitive price.


6_jpg6. Preselected high quality and most serious ladies to meet, date, fall in love with.

We pride ourselves in selecting highly professional women, who are doctors, lawyers and business owners. All of them pay for their own airline ticket, giving their full commitment to the search process. These women are already independent, they know how to drive, many speak great English, own business and have skills necessary to adjust to new country, making the transition of their arrival to your country a lot easier. We screen for golddiggers, so you can meet only the most serious ladies, ready to settle and looking for love to enter their hearts. If you travel to Russia to find girls like this, you will go through dozens of meetings before meeting ladies as such – statistics show that only 1 out of every 100 girls can be at the same level as women we invite you to meet in Punta Cana. We have already done the searching, screening, and weeding out and offer you 7 – 14 girls, who will be worth your time. Coming to Punta Cana to meet our 14 women you will be saving yourself several trips and meetings with 1400 women, if you were to go to Russia.




When you visit a woman in Russia, she most likely has many obligations: kids, work, study, friends, family, etc. So, how much time does it really leave for you to spend with your sweetheart? In best case, 2-3 hours a day. When you and these women come on vacation, you can spend 24/7 together, getting to know each other in ways that are not possible otherwise, enjoying the same activities together: water ski, jet ski, scuba diving, hiking, swimming, etc. So, 2 hours a day or 24 hours day? One day in the tropical island would equal one or two weeks or your stay in her country! Which would you prefer?








I wouldn’t be sharing a secret if I said that we all rely on our visual perception. We like the cover, then we want to read the book. So, seeing these wonderful women during sunny days, wearing bikinis or shorts, you can be sure that there is chemistry and you both like what you are seeing. Imagine meeting the same lady in a fur coat – how well do you think you can determine the attraction in this case?




When doing pretesting process, we check with women about how'd they feel about seeing a man they like in the Dominican Republic for the first time vs. having their first meeting in her home country. Most women – even the most conservative ones – ABSOLUTELY LOVE this idea. Every one of them gets excited about a possibility of this trip. You can’t imagine the excitement these women shared. So, I guarantee if you mention to your lady that you would like to see her on this tour – you will not hear “No”. Such a generous, beautiful gesture is also going to let her know you are serious about her, which will give you quite a few bonus points with the lady of your heart. And once the first meeting takes place in this beautiful place, along with my efforts on getting your relationships going, this woman will think only of you, she WILL choose you over anybody else approaching her.
In my 12 years of tour arrangement experience this is the first perfect tour. I believe that this is the best way to approach relationships and meet that special someone by getting to know each other without reservations.

Guided and hosted by the owner of the company - Oksana Boichenko and her team.

JOIN me on this experience, I personally GUARANTEE you:

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Oksana Бoйченко
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Это мой 3-х дневный обучающий мини - курс под названием "3 простых ступени к фантастическим отношениям", этот курс будет доставлен вам по е-майлу БЕСПЛАТНО!

Также я предлагаю вам великолепный видео материал, доступ к которому вы можете получить прямо сейчас. Это - мои личные интервью с реальными мужчинами-клиентами моего агентства и ответы на все ваши вопросы.
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