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The first time in the Industry! Group Romantic love tour: destination - unforgettable Punta Cana.

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Having just returned from Punta Cana, i thought it right that i should let people know of what to expect on such a wonderful trip. I know that everybodies experience will be different but if you make the effort you will not forget the wonderful time you will have. The villa is exception with great rooms and atmosphere, the girls are as lovly as there pictures and you can be rest assured of a friendly warming welcome. The idylic setting just off the beach is just pere perfection and the people are all very welcoming throughout the resort.

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Оксана, привет
Ну вот я и дома.......
Вообщем хочу написать тебе огромное спасибо, за мой отдых, за
знакомство с новыми людьми, за хорошую компанию, и отличную
Так скучаю по всем девченкам, ну и ессно по личностям мужского пола. Я
обязательно еще приеду попытать свое счастье, жаль что в этот раз мне
не хватило времени. Всем девченкам буду обязательно рекомендовать
приезжать и не бояться.

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Здравствуй, Оксаночка!
Наша с Роуландом свадьба состоялась 14 ноября в UK. Очень счастливы! Спасибо тебе ещё раз за всё всё... Столько людей по всему миру вы делаете невероятно счастливыми!

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Hi Oksana,

My flight back from Punta Cana was pretty good. The connection through Miami was easy and my friends delivered my car to the airport, so I was home by 12:30 in the morning even with a delay in Miami. How was your flight?

I was sad to leave such a nice group of people. Maybe I should quit my job and work for you in Punta Cana as a cabana boy ;^)

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Оксана, спасибо огромное что смогла приехать на нашу с Гленом регистрацию. Было так приятно увидеть тебя и Андрея ещё раз. Спасибо тебе за всю помощь которую ты предоставила мне на протяжении всех этих лет, твоё понимание и сдержанность, ведь таких как я у тебя тысячи, а ты находишь время для каждой из нас.
Спасибо тебе ещё раз за моего мужа Глена!

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Привет, Оксана!!!
Я добралась до Америки просто отлично, Сингапурские авиалинии очень удобные - мне досталось аж 3 места, так что я летела как в первом классе.
В аэропортту в Хьюстоне меня встречал Глен, со своимими дочерьми и внуками, так же его друг со своей русской женой - Татьяной. Погода здесь мне напоминает погоду в Пунта Кане, и у меня столько замечательных воспоминаний о Пунта Кане - ведь это именно место, где у нас с Гленом началась наша любовная история и наше обручение.

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Оксана, привет! Мы добрались до Алматы из Пунта Каны! Пишу чтобы выразить свою благодарность вам с Еленой Викторовной за незабываемую поездку в Доминикану! Помимо массы новых впечатлений, я так же посмотрела на многие вещи с другой стороны и многое поняла, т.е. произошла переоценка ценностей!
Эта поездка дала мне многое и самое главное, это полную подготовку к правильному продолжению поиска. В следующий раз я поеду к вам "до результата" и я посоветовала бы девушкам....

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I want to thank you and your agency, for your exception help on meeting and arranging our meeting for me and Oksana. I want to notify you that Oksana and me are now happily married and please see our photos.

Your organization of our date in Punta Cana was a wonderful....

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Few times in my life I have encountered an organization with the commitment to service, coordination and ingrained focus in customer satisfaction as your international introduction and dating services agency. In my experience, savvy traveler with over 1 million miles flown and over 150 cities visited around the world, have no other option but to recognize your outstanding business and personal sense, (in an industry where most agencies promises and have no delivery), customizing and catering services to the most sensitive and innermost areas in our life...relationships and love.

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Hi Oksana!

How are you?

I wish to thank you so much for a fantastic week on the tour in Punta Cana.

I had a great time and I so wish I could have stayed forever. Everyone was very friendly. Yelena and yourself were excellent hosts and I am extremely glad to have met you both.

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Hi Oksana!!!

I would guess your back in your home state by now so I'm sending you this note. First let me thank you for the great time I had in Punta Cana. Oksana by far exceeded any and all expectations that I had about meeting someone on this trip. She is such a wonderful person inside as well as outside beauty.

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Hello Oksana and Elena.

I want to thank you for all support and encouragement you provided me and my husband Marlin. Our journey to our happiness was long, 3 years, but finally we were able to meet each other to confirm that our love is for real. We are happily married now. Thank you for everything.

Alena from California

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Dear Oksana,
Thank you for your email, and I hope you are safe and well.

Oksana, I really want to thank you for all the help and attention you'd
given me in the past, and I hope I will see you in Almaty someday!

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Hello Oksana,

This is Robert Harmon and I need to know how to change my profile to engaged. As you know me and Galina are engaged. Thanks for a wonderful time and for putting me in contact with this wonderful woman. I could never be more happier.

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Hello Everybody,

Things are just perfect. I been married to my Russian wife for 5 years. I would recommend going for it. You really have nothing to lose and these women are beautiful, intelligent, family oriented and very caring and considerate to their man.

Oksana and her team will help you every step of the way and honestly I checked out other sites before and none of them offered such personalized service. They are very friendly and will go way beyond your expectations.

They know all the girls personally and will surely help you to find a good match for you. I love my Yulia very much and we are very happy. It did not take me long to find someone who I connected with.

I promise you that if you take the chance you will not be disappointed by Oksana and her team and you will find the woman of your dreams.

 Also Oksana has these wonderful trips to Punta Cana she does and invites whatever girl or girls you choose to join you there for a fun filled tropical vacation. What a great place to meet and possible fall in love.

Best of luck everybody.



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Hello every skeptical man out there.


First and foremost, I had a wonderful trip to Kazakhstan. Almaty is a very hospitable city and I think you will enjoy it. The people are very genuine and kind. I would highly recommend OksanaLove agency. Ironically, I am preparing to attend another function sponsored by Oksana Boichenko, the owner of OksanaLove; a getaway to the Dominican Republican where she is ...
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Dear Oksana !

First of all I want to thank you 1000 times for helping me to find my "second half". Yes, I joined your tour in February 2006 and found my "second half" on my first day that I arrived in Almaty.

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Оксана, привет дорогуша!!! Спасибо тебе огромноеза организацию поездки в Пунта Кану! Отдохнули мы конечно супер, мне здесь пол страны завидуют....уже две мои подружайки зарегистрировались

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Hello Oxana,


To let you know. Elena and I are now engaged.


I did not have much time left to file for a marriage license in Almaty.


A trip to Almaty was wonderful. Without your help could not possible to meet with Elena. ....
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